Alright, hear me out here... Monster Girl Quest.

Alright, so let me just- [snorts some white powder] - I know we have monster girls, fat ones even, but hear me out. MGQ Is a finished product, its got high production value, been around the block, and I know of 2 instances of it getting modded. I have no idea if graphical mods can be a thing but, what’s the harm in checking that out? Think of the fats. Glorious right? And maybe we can even mess with the audio files- throw a belch in after an Ara~ Ara~ or two. The game even has vore for those homies who are down with that (optional, too). I see this as an absolute win!

Lore wise, most monsters in that setting feed off of male semen. Maybe musk milk has WG prowess? Maybe our man Luka has that special brew. I might be wrong but I kind of remember opponent art occasionally changing in fights? Weight gain mechanics to defeat our foes. Fat magic.

I’m a talentless hack degenerate. I cannot make this dream a possibility. I am only here too guide others to a treasure I cannot posses.

A note on graphics; the detailed assets for ‘combat’ encounters are the only ones that really matter, and those are basically just .png’s. Easier than animating sprites, for damn sure. Only issue is that the game is enormous; releases would likely need to be selective and target specific characters. The games own 3 part release schedule is another logical way of dealing with the girth of the content in question. Bring it down to somewhere workable. Art assets for returning characters can and should be recycled for later parts. Unless… y’know. Said recurring characters get fatter. Nice.


Finally, there is a fellow have good taste

After entire minutes of furious frenetic searching, I have divined yet more truths: not only is the game moddable, there are rather substantial resources dedicated to tools. Users have produced ‘side stories’ which are addons, expansions, and potentially replacements to MGQ’s 3 plot archs. So that’s cool. This will at least be easier than working against a system.

No idea yet if actual graphics modding is a thing. I’d be shocked if we couldnt, but I have no confirmation at this time. Ditto for sounds. I also don’t know how compressed game assets are and/or if we have a clean way of extracting them. All that said, on the writing side, this is entirely possible. We could even implement entire new end states, encounters, plotlines and characters- but that ought not to be the goal as the game itself is already big enough.

Forth, fellow degenerates! Bring news of lewd opportunities! Assent to these bold undertakings!
I just want to touch obese fluffy tail.

The following is an example of the code tied to character images; almost certainly related to the Conversation system, possibly also the combat system. Conclusions to follow.

“pictures”: [
“StartOn”: “1”,
“AlwaysOn”: “1”,
“IsScene”: “0”,
“TheBody”: “1”,
“Overlay”: “No”,
“setXalign”: “0.0”,
“setYalign”: “0.16”,
“Player”: “Yes”,
“File”: “NPCs/Lillian/Lillian-neutral.png”,
“setXalign”: “0.0”,
“setYalign”: “0.0”

"File": "NPCs/Lillian/Lillian-happy.png",
"setXalign": "0.0",
"setYalign": "0.0"


MGQ operates with a ‘base’ texture, and a set of changing overlays that influence the base image. In this example, the NPC ‘Lillian’ has her base/body texture defined, then a ‘happy’ expression. Several such layers are possible.

Implications: One could implement weight gain states via this system as easily as one would add a smile to an NPC, albiet with more art work. Weight gain and loss could occur via these set calls. Note the .png format.

Things to consider with a method like this: You would still need top-level expressions like sadness/anger/happiness over top of the fatty layer. There seems to be no reason this would be impossible. If it becomes apparent the gain would change the face/pose of the NPC, new ‘GainLevel2Happy’ calls could be made, though this is undesirable as it increased workload. Ideally the expression calls change relatively little about the face and can be layered over gain. In a worst case scenario, they’ll need to be baked in the WG layer, resulting in unnecessarily long code strings like “wglvl1happy, wglvl1sad, wglvl2happy, wglvl2sad” and so on.

Too long didnt read: the most important part- adding fat states to NPCs without having to change existing ‘thin’ art is possible. This is a flexible system with easy art formatting. Provided we can crack open existing art assets from the game, they could be edited to have multiple fat states making careful effort to preserve the character’s base layer, pose, and expressions. While that sounds annoying for artists to work around, it would also mean they ought to be able to produce a character with multiple weight states fairly quickly all things considered. Weight gain events can be limited in scope to just party members too, potentially greatly limiting workloads (other stuff would just already be fat I guess, via changes to the base-layer)


You have my attention and encouragement.

It occurs to me that if possible, direct art replacement of original art assets might actually be preferred. Its much less fun, but if you implement a conditional WG system as defined by my example, you need to change the calls for that character’s emotion in pretty much every future scene.

So, forewarning to writers- the WG method I go into would actually, paradoxically, best be reserved for one-off encounters or people with few appearances. Since we have acts to work off of, I propose narrative gain for returning cast members over time at specific narrative moments, disconnected from player agency in any way (you can write around this, but don’t let us make a real meaningful choice here) to make this WAY more feasible and easy to code.

Not sure if the game is still split into three parts (its been years and I never got to pt.3 back in the day, gimme a break), but if so, you can replace base-level graphics with fatter sprites going forward, so by part three the main cast are the heaviest they can get (visually…), greatly simplifying workloads.

Let’s also get real. There are narrative exchanges with multiple ladies on screen. If they’re morbidly obese, they might not fit on the screen properly without significant overlap. Yes, that’s hot, but it’s also a potentially terrible looking art problem. We can almost certainly adjust where a person appears on the screen, but this should be something to take into account when creating character art; what’s the biggest dimensions we can go with, basically, before we suffer severe clipping issues. Adjusting character appearances with x/y coordinates would also greatly slow down work. Something to avoid. My recommendation might be to consider, at very fat sizes, making new poses or ‘zooming out’ to gain more space. The zoom out option is not ideal. This problem does not apply to many bosses that never interact with other people (on the same screen) - so in those case they can be as screen-encompassing and blobbish as you want.

A lore note on fat dynamics; the setting is a typical high-magic high-fantasy environment. We can handwave mobility issues and whatnot with magic, which is quite common and available. Y’know… in case you wanted to make Alice turn into the fattest Snek but narratively she needs to be able to like… adventure and have agency and stuff.

Alternative avenue if the whole ‘three game arch’ thing is undesirable: You could in theory add a new character, or recycle an old one ala the games many modded ‘side-stories’ (narrative mods) to replace the original story entirely. That is the easiest way to limit scope and develop content that can be releasable, but for fairly obvious reasons its not really super ideal. Audience demand is pretty clearly aimed at experiencing a sweeping epic featuring an all star heavyset cast. Thankfully, assuming the initial release laser-focuses on a small handful of characters, you can control the projects bloat. A new patch for each new major character rework, perhaps? Don’t know. I guess you could adopt an area based approach, focusing on any encounters in a biome and doing the whole thing bit by bit, that could work. Its likely that approach will take years to fully realize though- better I think to focus on a holistic experience with select party members, then growing it from there.


Well gentlemen and ladies, that’s about all I have for you. Here are the facts;

  1. As long as the system is not obtuse to work with, making mods for existing properties is easier than starting fresh.

  2. The game in question can be modified to a satisfactory degree.

  3. Mechanically complex fetish interactions can, at least in theory, be achieved.

  4. No need for significant re-writes of the universe, lore, characters or motivations beyond the addition of fetish material.

  5. Ingame art assets are .png files- both easy to work with for new content and easy to edit to fatten up existing content.

  6. As it is an older title, ample tools, tutorials, and wiki pages exist.

I have neither the time, the skill, nor the will to actually produce this. The ideas channel exists to galvanize concepts. I can see that over 1,000 people have at least taken a passing glance at my proposal. It is my hope that from among them a team could be born to bring this mere concept into fruition. If any of what I have said interests you, please, give it your best shot.

Let this rally all degenerates under this common cause. Let there be mods, and let the fats be good. Thank you, the floor is yours. I’ve done all I can.


That sounds freaking awesome.