Alternative outcome weight gain

So here’s an off shoot of some similar questions that have been asked here before. We have all thought of our dream weight gain game and/or our favorite characters getting fat, but this time I’m instead of making a whole new game or completely revamping another, what if you could just change one aspect of an existing game to cause the characters to gain weight?

Example (Spoilers for Borderlands 3): When Tyreen absorbs the great vault monster she doesn’t fuse with it, but instead she just gains it’s power then beats the heros, she goes on to rule the universe and get fat from overindulgence as queen of everything.

Stuff like that, but like, better described because I suck at these kind of things.


Spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

So part way through the game there’s a 5 year timeskip. There’s also quite a few characters who either are noted as having sweet tooth (Mercedes, Annette, Bernadetta, Lysithea and Edelgard), a big appetite in general (Ingrid, Raphael and Manuela) or being lazy (Hilda and Linhardt). Based on that, I think it would be fun to come back to the monastery and find one of your students (or other staff) chunkier than you expected. Personally, my vote goes to either Mercedes, Bernadetta or Manuela.
Maybe not the most realistic idea, since:
a) Characters use the same base models in combat, with slight adjustments for height, bust size, etc, so it’d take a load of extra effort to make a fat character who’s not a clippy mess.
b) Most players probably wouldn’t share my enthusiasm for their waifu/husbando getting fat.

Still, I can dream. Thanks for reading this nerdy-ass ramble.


Well there are so many games that can be parodied.
My little idea is to change Infectonator 2 (I know the game may not be under good light considering what is happening in the world) where instead of the citizens turning into zombies they turned into munchie crazed eaters that need to eat as much as possible. You can even change the enemy type from military to exercise couches or Olympian athletes while some of the heroes you can use could be fat version of existing ones.

I wish Divinity Original Sin 2 had some wg options. I tried to RP a character who’s hungry for Source and power, but the game didn’t give me anything to work with.


I mean, someone could come up with a similar game, but the zombies persist and just gain weight as they consume more victims (among those that don’t get turned themselves). Not the most creative idea, I know, but it’s the best I can think of.