Amateur Writer Excited To Be Here

Hey its a pleasure to be here. Made an account yesterday and thought I would introduce myself. I’m a gay male that has been into weight gain kink since around high school when I discovered some Warren Davis artwork online.

Then looked up weight gain art online and then moved over to weight gain fiction over at where the interactive stories are. It wasn’t long till I started writing there as well wanting to add chapters that I wasn’t seeing there myself. I’ve mostly stayed with fanfiction, finding it enjoyable fattening up characters I liked in media whether it be video games, books, or movies, etc.

I would say that I’m a encourager and an admirer. I never had a drive to gain weight myself though I always found heavier men attractive and other guys gaining weight as well.

I found this site a few months ago and liked some of the games I’ve encountered I was really impressed with the writing of Worshippers of the Gain and how they seemed to really emphasize on physical touch and description.

Aside from weight gain stuff I am a big fan of fantasy and RPGs and visual novels as well. I am also a big D&D 5E player as well with several books in my collection. Also graduated with an English Literature degree a couple years ago.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all and be part of the community!