Amature Composer Looking to Help a Project or Two!

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to pop a quick thing here just in case anyone was looking for a composer for their projects.

I have a few years of music experience having played a little live music and composed a few small bits digitally for a few projects. I have a decent grasp of music theory and am pretty good at tailoring my compositions to moods, themes and styles. Most recently I composed some of the music for Belly Direct :slight_smile:

Message me here or poke my DMs on discord Qwibble#1982 if you’re interested! :smiley:


Hello! Do you have any samples or links to music you’ve made in the past?

Hello there, I compiled a little compilation of recent tracks for you :slight_smile: β€” Music Samples (Qwibble) - Google Drive β€” I’m not super prolific but I am slowly improving. β€” I also did the music for this trailer β€” Power Grid: Corruption Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

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