Amazon's Running Diet: A Skill-Based Game With Tempting Treats

Gotta Protectors is a game that was developed in 2017, built off the example of retro RPG games. In that game, you can choose a small variety of characters, namely the Amazon.

This “spin-off”, called Gotta Protectors: Amazon’s Running Diet, focuses on our little pink-haired Amazon who’s gotten a little chubby. Run through the forest and stay hydrated with water! Cakes dehydrate you, but leave you a little bigger at the results screen.

The game ends when you’re fully dehydrated. See how far you can get!

Amazon’s Running Diet requires an NES emulator. Load the file into the emulator and start playing right away! Here are some links:

Official Website (Download at the bottom): みんなでまもって騎士 姫のトキメキらぷそでぃ - ニンテンドー3DSダウンロードソフト
"Mesen" NES Emulator:
Mesen - High-accuracy Nintendo NES Emulator for Windows & Linux


I could be wrong, but I think I’ve played this without the emulator. But I haven’t heard of this game in awhile, so it may be my mind playing tricks on me.

This has been linked here before, but hasn’t gotten it’s own thread dedicated to it.

Well now it has it’s own dedicated thread for easier access. So that’s nice.

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Played it awhile back, and to be honest, I was really terrible at it. I think Panda was as high in the scales as I could ever get, but I may be wrong about that.

Moved to general games.

Based on playthrough at 1/2 speed, it’s impossible to clear stage 4 if collecting all the cakes. Not sure if you get a bigger size by pacing yourself more.


I wonder what the biggest size actually looks like, I keep going between her being pretty fat or slightly heavier than her running size.

I searched the internet for the sizes, could only find an outline of them. So I managed to get them all other than her very skinniest, which I found online. I can only post one image at a time though. Obviously spoiler alert.
PS: This was probably the hardest game I’ve played on here.
Also I can’t figure out why they use hyaluronic (hyaluronic acid) and glucosamine, which are present in the extracellular matrix of human tissue, especially in cartilage as proteoglycans/glycosaminoglycans, as ranks. Maybe a translating issue?


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Oh GOD yes! I learned about this sexy cuteness a few minutes ago!

hello there, sorry to necropost/bump in this thread, but how can i use the controls with my keyboard/the arrow keys/the WASD controls?

i try to click and to press buttons, but the game doesnt start (in the ‘‘press start’’ screen, and when the game actually plays, i cannot control the girl when she’s running/jumping.

any tips/help on what the controls are?

the game works nicely with the ‘‘mesen’’ NES emulator, tho.
beautiful visuals!

You’ll need to manually map your keys to controller inputs for any NES emulator you use; I have no idea what mesen’s defaults are. There should be something like Input or Gamepad in the emulator’s options menu that lets you set up controls.

does anyone have a working download of this game original doesnt work anymore

Same here. The dev team must’ve pulled a Talking Tom series in regards to their NES-styled game…

Download still works for me - just scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the button that says ‘Download English version’.