An elaborate tamagotchi-like game in the making

I have tried to make a weight-gain related game for literally years. First time I tried was back when I was a teenager, not long after I found out about this whole fat fetishism. Back then, I had something very simple in mind : a female character living in her own little virtual world, and you guide her in her day-to-day life. Pretty much like a tamagotchi. But with an anime girl. And weight gain-oriented.

Quick uninteresting backstory

However, teenager me didn’t have a single clue how game programing worked, and all I had was a cracked version of RPG Maker XP. I gave up after a couple month of fighting with the various custom scripts I decided to install and managing absolutely nothing besides a hot non-functional mess.

Over the years, I gave it several more tries, started from scratch with fresh ideas, but eventually hit a wall, got pissed and gave up. But every time I tried, I had a more refined idea of the game I wanted to make. And you guessed it, a couple month ago, I decided to try making a game once more.

End of quick uninteresting backstory

But this time, I’m confident it’ll get somewhere, because it’s the closest to a functional game I’ve got so far, and the most time and efforts I have invested in any iterations of my game without feeling burned out (thank covid and lockdown for that). It’s nowhere near ready for the release of an early version yet, but I feel like I need to start talking about this project to further cement my commitment this time and not ending up ditching it once more (the whole reason I created an account on this forum tbh). This time, I want to be able to play with the finished product, and I want other people to experience my vision of an ideal weight-gain game too.

But even though it’s not ready yet for an early build, I’ll share a screen to explain the basics of how the game will work. Please note that it’s still very early, I’m spending minimal time on the sprites and design right now and am trying to go for functionality first.

This is the main game screen, where all the action will be taking place. The screen is split in 3 areas : on the left the information panel, on the right the (soon to be) action panel, and in the middle the world.

  • The information panel is where you’ll find information about the game. There are two functions : the first one, as shown in the picture, is to check your character’s information, as well as a “high resolution” picture of her. The second one is to inspect an interactable item in the world, or another NPC. The panel will then display the item or NPC, in-depth infos about it and special actions the player can perform. On the top right of that panel, there are little markers allowing you to switch between the two modes.
  • The action panel will be where… Well, all the “action”-related stuff will be. The inventory (drag-and-drop items into the game world to use them), the world map (click on a location to move), the ongoing events… I haven’t started working on it yet, but I did most of the inventory work in a past discarded project. There will still be a huge chunk of work to do, but it’s still nice being able to just import work I have already done. Makes me feel less angry about the hours lost after giving up on a project.
  • And finally, the game world. This is where your character lives her life. You can tell her where to move by clicking anywhere on the screen, and interact with some items or NPC by clicking them. Well, there aren’t many items yet… For now the only one I have coded is a radio, which turns on and off when you interact with it. So it technically works, I just need to add more items. The game world is also where dialogs and dialog options will be displayed, in the form of a bubble on top of the character speaking.
  • Also, the black box at the bottom of the screen is a tooltip box to guide you throughout the game. In the menus, it’ll give you short description of whatever option you have selected, same thing when you have to chose between dialog options, and when your mouse hovers over something you can interact with.

Here are a few key features I want/wish to include :

  • Character creation and customization (physical appearance AND personality traits)
  • Multiple NPCs with different personalities
  • Choice between measuring units (imperial, metric, donuts/bald eagles, …)
  • Semi-intelligent dialogs and reactions depending on the NPCs and main character’s personalities and relations
  • Social interactions (feedee/feeder, humiliation, self-confidence…)
  • Realistic-ish weight gain
  • Gradual visual changes to your character depending on weight, height, fullness…
  • “Photo-mode”
  • Customization tools
  • Special events based on real-time calendar
  • Plenty of useless trophies, secrets, collectables and unlockables

I don’t really have a clear roadmap in mind and I can’t spend as much time as I would like on this project mainly because of work, but for now I want to focus on the basic functionalities (character creation, weight gain & feeding system, game world interactions, information display, functional menus and save system). When all that is done, I’ll try to flesh-out the sprites and graphics and work on the NPCs and social interactions system. Finally, when all this is done, I’ll work on the “photo-mode” and customization tools which I am very unsure of.
Photo-mode (basically generating a picture of the main character in a given situation) would require an immensely ridiculous amount of work because of the sheer amount of sprites I would need to make. The customization tools are something I really want to make (and I am already developing the game with this in mind) because I’m not a good writer, and I’m not a remarkable artist either, so I’d like people to be able to write their own dialogs, to arrange their own event or even use their own resources to make their own content without having to modify the code itself. But I’m still not sure how much customization I can allow without compromising stability and performances (pretty sure custom dialogs is very much possible, still need to think about custom events, custom sprites will be hard).

Also, I have absolutely no idea what a smart title for this game could be. So I’m open to discuss this if anyone has a good idea for a fat-focused tamagotchi game featuring cute anime girls.


I’m glad to see another actual project in the projects section and not just another idea.
You’ve got my support! (Emotional, I don’t have enough spare change to give financial support.)
As for title ideas, I’ll think of some, and maybe ask my boyfriend about it.


Looks promising! I hope you have as much fun making it as it looks

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Looks cute! I hope something becomes of this!

HMMMM. interesting…

Glad to see some people are interested, or at least intrigued !

I’ll post an update when the game is ready for an early version. But even with rough sprites, it’s still a lot of work, so I can’t really tell when that’ll be. Later on I’ll probably end up having to ask for some help from better artists than myself… I might be trying to bite more than I can chew. But for now I can still work by myself.


An extra little sneak peek at what sizes and weight progression should look like :


I put this together with the sprites I’m currently making. It’s missing a few frames and the last size on the gif is not going to be the biggest size (yes, outgrowing the game display is an intended feature). But I though it looked cool so here it is.

Other than that the inventory system is well on its way, feeding and weight gain is also pretty operational. I was a little worried about performance issues because of the large amount of sprites the game has to handle and the inventory is pretty large, but so far it’s holding fairly well.


Can’t wait to try it

I think I might keep this in my radar

I’m honestly kind of shocked that this type of game hasn’t been done more. Definitely following this.