An Epic Storydriven Norse Mythology RPG, but Fat

Short re-introduction because I haven’t posted here in forever! :speech_balloon:

Hey, I’m the developer of the long-forgotten demo for “World of Corpulence”, and a contributor to several projects on here through my hobbyist spritework. I recently changed my handle from “Vollerei”, if you’ve been around these circles long enough there’s at least a decent chance you’ve seen my work!

I’ve been working in relative peace and quiet on my newest project, taking a dive into a kinky version of a viking-aesthetic world. The game is nearing a point where I’m happy to release it to the public, and it already has multiple fleshed out storylines and a fair bit of content! If that interests you, be on the lookout for “Skirjasaga - Tale of a heifer” :cow2: coming very soon! :100:

I’m super interested to hear what people’s ideas of norse mythology are, and ways in which kink-driven stories could be written around it! It may be a bit of a niche, but one of my favourite aspects of mythology is the storytelling aspect - and that through sharing out different interpretations we’re carrying on the verbal tradition of its history. Nerdy stuff aside, I am also looking for inspiration for stuff that I can implement in future storylines in my game. :pray:

What are your favourite mythological stories? What would you like to see in an RPG like this? Do you know of any fun creatures or sources?


I believe there was a story of Thor who was sort of pranked by a giant sometime in his travels. I can’t remember how he ended up in the giant’s court but the giant had him do three tasks.
The first was to lift a huge cat, however Thor struggled to lift it even a centimeter, only when he failed was it revealed he was actually trying to lift Jormungandr.
The second was to drink a horn full of mead completely, as Thor was known as the biggest drinker in the Nine realms. Again he failed, not knowing the horn was connected to the ocean and therefore couldn’t be emptied.
The third I can’t remember at all but perhaps this could help?


A girl set upon a set of seemingly innocuous trials, each one more mischievously enbiggening than the last? Mead-inflation sounds kind of fun :beer:

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This can go another way by twisting a myth so as to speak, like the case with Balder. As I’m sure most know Balder was a god that was beloved by just about everyone and fated to survive Ragnorok. Yet either he or his mother began to have visions of him dying just before it starts which caused some concern in the Aesir court.
So Freya (or Frigg maybe, kind of hard to remember which is which) went around to earn a promise from everything to never harm Balder, except for one thing. Unfortunately for Balder Loki learned it was mistletoe that never gave a promise and fashioned a dart to be thrown at him. Worst he had Balder’s blind brother do the deed, and accidentally killed him. Loki would suffer greatly for what he did (especially when it came out that he sabotaged efforts to revive Balder) while the blind brother was murdered by the court.
The twist here is perhaps instead of killing, by eating one thing a character could balloon to a ridiculous size. What that could be can be left up to you (almost a hallmark of weight gaining that it takes a tiny temptation to cause a spiral into weight gaining).

That can work, that failing (or succeeding) could lead to some fun results. Meadflation sounds like an interesting concept too.

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