An idea for a new inflation Metroidvania

Some of you might remember a game I started work on early this year and started brainstorming in December. It was an inflation/weight gain/object inflation Metroidvania. Unfortunately, I recently had the displeasure of a system drive failure. I lost three updates I was queuing up to release and a LOT of progress, and given the will-breaking experience of that happening, I dropped that concept. I still have the files for an older version I can reference code for.

After leaving it alone for a while and playing all the way through Metroid Dread (five times, in fact) I have decided to revisit it, but in doing so, to also change the concept a bit to reduce scope and generally to make it easier to mess with.

It’ll still be a 2.5D game, but I’m ditching the object inflation aspect, as well as the concept of having a character that can inflate others in general. I’m going to focus only on the inflated character I had barely started to work on.

And, this time, I have a direction to go with it!
The idea is to have the player play as a sort of inflatable drone (name still pending, looking for suggestions on acronyms that include the words “Modular”, “Pumper” and “Drone”.

A space station has just been hit by [insert spacial object or event or bad actors], causing several systems to go offline… Including the water pumping system for the ship. As the ship’s drone, it’s your job to be activated, head to your first area (obtaining an item to open a type of door on the way), and begin taking on water from tanks and moving them to specific recepticles, to provide water to various important structures to tide them off while maintenance works on repairing the pipes.
As you fill with water, you get bulkier and heavier, moving slower and not jumping as high.

Throughout the game, you collect items to progress.
Currently planned for that:
An item that interacts with doorways.
An item that allows player to generate steam.
An item that allows player to move fuel.

Any suggestions for items, names, puzzles, etc. are welcome, as well as feature suggestions!
Also suggestions on how to make Dread/Samus Returns style free aim work in Unity.
The goal is to have it be possible to use a controller to play the game, so normal mouse aim wouldn’t be prefferred (though I’m very likely to include an option to turn it on)


Sounds like a wonderful idea i really like the waterinflation aspect i this one.
Maybe you could use that to inflate enemys with water and maybe turn that water then to steam to pop them in the process.
Or maybe just pop them by overfilling.

That could definitely work, especially if I decide to do multiple enemy types. Like possibly it could have tougher “armor” which needs to be weakened by stretching it out via water, and then a good ol fashioned needle used to pop them, or an enemy that needles never work on to overfill them.

I do Concept art for games, I could give some concepts if needed!

Oh, alright, thank you!
I have a basic concept for the main character drawn already and maybe a few BG elements I’m going to re-use for this, but nothing else lol.
It’d help to have a better idea of style to go off of!
I might post a picture of the art I have (warning: it’s bad. XD) if you wanna take a look.

Well it would be a lo of fun :smiley:
Maybe you could later add some bossfights as a puzzle or something like that.
I would have an concept in my mind :smiley:

You could look to hollow knight for needle combat, mayhaps one to carry food gel making for difference
Water could make them heavier but still slightly flexible, air lighter but rigid, food gel heavier but more durable, fuel lighter but more volatile
Or at least this hounds thinks so?

That sounds pretty cool. Willing to help if you need.

If I decide to implement bosses, I’ll try to remember to hit you up. ^^

I’m not sure I want to do anything with melee, but I’m definitely planning to have some upgrades involving different liquids/gases!