An Introduction and a Curious Poll about Other Site Goers =)

Hello there everyone =). I have come to realize that i havent done a proper introduction for myself ever since i made this account for this site, so i figured that now is about as good a time as any. Also i have not noticed any polls on the subject of what kind of people go onto this site, and i am curious to find out generally the types of people we have here =). You don’t have to do the poll if you don’t want to, i just think its an interesting way of getting to know the community better. So lets kick this off by introducing myself and some of what im interested in.

I usually go by the username Maldio online, and i have been interested in this kink for a very long time. I have been following along with this site for a while now but havent didnt get around to making an account until the Starbound Server became a thing. I figured that i might as well make some suggestions for mods and perhaps get involved with the community a bit more. I also wanted to join up in hopes of maybe finding a significant other. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but i hope that perhaps there may be a girl out there that has an interest in this stuff that lines up well with mine =).

I am a Straight Romantic male who enjoys soft, cute, and cuddly women of a much larger nature. My specific kinks for this whole broad category of big individuals includes: Inflation, Weight Gain, BBW’s, SSBBW’s, wanting to grow bigger, technical Giantism due to being super fat/inflated, Being able to still move while being super big.
And the things i really dont like are the things that are just kinda gross by nature, such as: Vore, Slob/Gas, Sweat, etc. Those are really big turn offs for me =(.

But enough about me im curious to know generally what kind of people we have on this site of ours. This poll will mostly be about people’s genders, and what preference you all have in either an RP partner/significant other. Again you dont have to answer this poll at all if you dont wish to, but i think it would be kinda neat to see how diverse the forums might be =)

What is Your Gender?

  • Guy
  • Girl
  • Trans-Guy
  • Trans-Girl
  • Other (please explain)

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What is Your Preferred Partner?

  • Guy
  • Girl
  • Trans-Guy
  • Trans-Girl
  • Other (please explain)

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Also if you wish to go into detail about what sub-kinks you have for weight gain, please feel free to share =). In any case i hope you all have a lovely day and i hope to perhaps get to know some of ya a bit better.


Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the site!

Welcome to this super cool place m8! Hope you enjoy it here

Also, I’m surprised no one’s really thought of doing that poll here, it might provide some useful insight for people looking to make a game.

Welcome :tada:
“All of the above” for the second question (though there is a bit of overlap between the options, which is a little confusing).
Hope you have a great time here :smile:.

Welcome! :partying_face: And neat idea for a poll!
For the second question, I’m aro-ace and am not interested in any irl partner, and the gender of an rp partner wouldn’t matter to me. But I like characters of any gender for games!

I actually have a lot of other kinks besides weight gain but can probably be combined with it.

  • Furries
  • Hypersized attributes (especially breasts, butts, and hips)
  • Lactation
  • Pregnancy and Oviposition
  • Inflation (especially cum or breast milk)
  • Transformation
  • Genderbending

Truth be told, I have a couple of other fetishes that I’m too ashamed of to admit having, even anonymously. They’re the kind of thing that have me worried that my web browsing history has put me on at least one list.

I voted “girl” as my preferred partner, but only because I find masculine appearances to be a turn-off. Other than that, I think I can be reasonably flexible.

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You know this is all so far interesting to see. :smile:
I honestly sorta had a feeling that the polls would kinda go in this direction but thats ok :relaxed:. Both polls have the same options because some people have interests that are a bit different and i wanted to be able to include them. The first Poll is meant to be a question about yourselves as individuals, and the second is about preferred partners either in RP or real life.

I am not really aware of all of the other options there could be so i did my best with the very limited knowledge i have to make a poll that gives people the opportunity to better explore/explain what it is they mean when they chose that option and perhaps to start a conversation about the different things they like about the Kink and all the subkinks involved :blush:

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“What a twist”
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