An iOS Discovery

Okay, so this one isn’t new, but there’s an iOS game that focuses on WG and BHM/BBW content called “Feed the Fat”. The goal is almost like that one unfinished flash game featuring that purple-haired girl: tap to make the character eat. Every 15 kilograms (despite me using the imperial system in the US) triggers a minigame that has you either cutting pizza (in a memory game-type fashion), grating cheese, stirring soup (which is different from the Poffin minigame from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl), slicing salami, swiping sushi, or deciding what foods are sweet or salty. The game is currently updated to 1.6, and it even has online leaderboards.

Oh, and when you reach the 1,000 kg mark, the in-game screen will start to crack, with more cracks forming every 100 kgs.