an Old project Regret

so story time a long time ago when I was a dumb kid and before I was part of this site me and this other people were making a Dress-up weight game using my art works from my long running Random belly girl project ( and the first game was good (I wish I save it because it is lost to the world) so we where going to me a second game but it never happen because of ME.

Young me as the game was being work on panic trying to make the game better and other dumb things so the project die because I stopped messaging this person, this is one of my biggest Regrets and I wish I could go back in time and do that game again because it was a fun idea.


Welp, you could try comtacting them if you remember their number or address, and Hopefully you may replace your regret with something better or so this hound hopes


I hope you don’t find it hurtful but, it could be a good thing.
You have the opportunity to start that idea again from scratch. You can use what you learnt to start off better. Use what you found fun last time to find a group where you can do more of that.

I’v met quite a few great people just volunteering. There will be duds. Plenty of ghostings. The fact is, in this line, no one owes you anything until a contract is made. But if you just roll the dice enough, either you find a good team, or you build one from the scraps of failed ones.

And that high you got from making games, that’ll just keep coming back.

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