An open letter to text-based growth and expansion games

There is a rather wide variety of people under the general umbrella of “growth fetish”, almost too many to list. The body part grown and the method of growth are both things that any game developer should hash out on their own, but the scale of the growth is something that also tends to be overlooked.

In an image or sprite-based game, increasing the maximum size can be an ordeal due to both screen size and difficulty of creating art, but in a text based game, size can be something as simple as a number. Increasing the maximum size of any type of growth can actually be incredibly easy if the growth was something that could be renewably triggered/collected to begin with.

Having stats with no maximum size is fairly simple as well. What’s more, if you want to give them unique descriptions for whatever “inspect self” method you have, it’s not really a huge ordeal to describe every size from miniscule to astronomical, as compared to all the rest of the writing in a text-based game. The larger the stat gets, the greater the gap between new descriptions.

Actually putting in methods to reach astronomical sizes is another thing entirely, but it’s my personal opinion that any text-based growth game that has repeatably-triggerable growth events should have near-infinite potential sizes and descriptions. Even if you do nothing with those sizes after a certain point (like immobility or bodily fluids), it can be a draw to your game to be able to simply go that large and still have it be described.

There are some who are turned off and disgusted by such sizes, though, and that’s entirely reasonable. If you’re worried about that, then include some way to toggle a maximum size. It shouldn’t be hard; it could be a setting, or if you’re feeling creative, let the maximum size be a form of skill or even a shop item (if you don’t want to be “unmeasurable” after reaching 2 meters wide, buy a measuring tape!). Of all the ways to accomodate multiple fetishes, simply allowing a theoretically infinite stat scale to become actually infinite is one of the easiest ways to increase the available demographic.

Two examples I have are Dawn of Corruption and The Curse of Something. Both have male muscle/genetalia growth as their themes (TCoS also has fat). They’re completely different games, but there is one aspect that TCoS does right and DoC does wrong: The descriptions.

In Dawn of Corruption, there are 6 total sizes for each size stat you can increase. Each stat’s actual value can increase to a massive size (they even covert it to miles at a certain point), but regardless of how large you are, the description is still the level 6’s “larger than melons” or whatever it was. It was the one disappointing part about an otherwise incredible growth game.

In The Curse of Something, there are 23 descriptions for the size of the same body part, ranging from 1.4 inches to the exact diameter of the earth. Each one is less than a sentence long, just a discriptor for how large it is compared to you and your surroundings, meant to be affixed to the end of a paragraph. Regardless, it vastly improves the game’s effect on those who are into such sizes, and it gives a lot more playtime for the simple reason that someone who wants to see the growth continue can.

Again, some people aren’t into it, but if you want your game to reach a larger audience, it’s quite easy to cater to those who are.


I would say that even in a text game having a very large range of sizes isn’t trivially easy; just easier than if there was also art. Yaffaif does this and uses a technically complicated text substitution engine to do so. Sure, you can just fix it up once in the “look self”, but if a game really is focused on the hyper-endowed then there also need to be variations in many scenes - even Corruption of Champions does this, so it’s not just a one place change. Every variation burns writing and dev cycles, especially when you are looking at pairings. Devs have to be able to limit the scope to get something finished, and it’s quite possible additional descriptions are on the list of things to revisit when there’s time and just isn’t a priority.


I understand that interactivity and dynamic changes to many scenes can exponentially increase the workload; that’s entirely normal. What I’m talking about is, just in the single “inspect self” or other description-insert tables, allow sizes to get unreasonably large. Not increasing certain mechanics to match is a decision I can completely understand.

And yeah, there’s definitely an order to all things, and this one doesn’t have to be very high up in that list of priorities at all, it’s just something for people to consider, and an appeal for people who may have previously been scared away by the idea of doing work to accomodate those with more extreme tastes.


Oh, and if anyone does want to do this for their own game, but doesn’t have the motivation to actually write the descriptions out, I’d be happy to write a number of short lil blurbs about various extreme sizes. I’m not really one for fat, but any other kind of hyper works for me. Hit me up and I’ll see what I can do.

I quite like both of those games as well, but Curse of Something’s descriptions max out a bit early imo.

Noone’s game has some of the best descriptions I’ve ever encountered, which is an even better example I think. If you were to ask why this is not as common, it’s the same reason race/height other variables don’t get importance in a lot of the text-based RPG games. To alter every scene around certain growths is tough work, but if you have the time it immensely increases replay value and immersion.

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Agreed with this. Games where the only time your size interacts is with inspect self tend to not have a lot of depth to them. Which is totally fine if that is what the creator wants, and not every game needs to be super complex. But the best games are ones where different interactions and events differ depending on your size. If all you are doing is updating the inspect self method but not actually adjusting any of the other interactions as you get bigger, why bother?