An owl has arrived

Hi there, been a long time since i’ve used any kind of forum. kind of cool to see them still hanging around in some form

I’m owlkaline, but you can just call me owl, or Alexis or whatever. I’m a nsfw artist by trade, i like to draw fat monsters and chubby folk, but recently i started getting into writing erotica on the side as well. Used to play some erotic text adventures games not too long ago, a big handful of which were weight gain themed and with my new turn into writing erotic myself i got interesting in trying my hand at maybe making a simple CYOA game or two from time to time.

found this place and figured it was as good as any to browse and get inspiration and advice. Started fiddling with twine recently, maybe after a bit I’ll have learned the ropes and have something to share here. We’ll see.

otherwise, i’ll probably just be hanging around.
oh, and i guess if’d you like to browse my works, im “owlkaline” most everywhere, just kind of my brand

links to most of my galleries and other places can be found here


Hello and welcome to the community

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Cool I think you will love it here because if you like monsters and chubby things you will fit in just fine.

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Ohhh! I have stumbled across your art several times, and all I can say is that they are pretty amazing. You’ve got a pretty distinct style. I’m really intrigued by what you will come up with! If your illustrations are this good I can’t wait to read some of your written works!

I hope you enjoy your time here :+1::+1:


Very good art style and welcome in this community!
I am just a random roleplayer on games, who are into feederism.

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thank you! I really appreciate that. Making art for my oc world is my core passion, but i also like being able to branch out. If you’re interested in some of my written works you can find them here

but yeah, looking forward to seeing if i can make an interactive one, maybe with some stats and randomness to make it spicier. I’ll have to see what i can do. Thankfully there’s tutorials and help all over the web.

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A bit late but welcome! Happy to have you here with us!