An Uneventful Tour! (V1.0 now available!)

A wonka styled CYOA made in twine!

So I remember being on this forum a long time ago, asking about a wonka CYOA and looking at ideas. It’s been years, but I also figured you guys would like some of it! I’d love some feedback on this kind of thing to see if I should go forward with doing stuff like this! There’s a feedback 3 question survey once you’ve played it, if you want to help.

Just a big heads up before you start it, while a lot of the ends do involve weight gain, it’s not the sole focus. If other stuff disturbs you, then don’t read. (there is a spoiler mode that will let you see what kinks the endings involve before you commit to them.)

Found here: Login Required -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Plot: You’ve got the golden ticket, and you’re ready for the tour! Just sign your name on the dotted line, and let the magic happen as you explore rooms, and eventually become the ruler of the company! Or maybe the siren call of all that candy or those fancy gizmos gets to be too much and you’ll find yourself lost in the same factory you wanted to rule! Surely nothing bad will happen. After all, it’s just An Uneventful Tour…


Just so everybody knows ahead of time, pretty much all the weight gain and expansion stuff has half a dozen other other transformation and S&M fetishes added to it for each event, so if you’re not interested in some very specific combinations, you’re out of luck.


I admit most of this doesn’t work for me but it’s pretty damn good, straightforward and no nonsense.

I think the game’s glitched though, I’m pretty sure I got all four of the others removed but the game thought there was someone left.

Just to let folks know, 2.0 is up. Not too many other WG Stuffs added, a few things in combos like there was otherwise, but figured if you were interested previously, there’s more stuff.

Found Here: Login Required -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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