An unsure introduction

So, generally am a lurker here. I had an account during the older weight gaming site or whatever it is called and did a similar introduction as to this one. Just someone who enjoys this kind of thing and originally came here looking for possible rp stuff when the older weight gaming site was up. Just giving another hi to things, unsure really if I should as I usually don’t post much if not at all on forms. So call it shy or uncertainty I am don’t know but the people here seem decent enough.


Welcome well again I suppose plenty of people lurk and/or don’t say much and that’s okay just take it at your own pace. Maybe there are some games out there that you might have some feedback or opinions on that I’m sure a dev would love to hear. But it’s okay to be shy too glad to have you here.

Thanks, and yeah I look at the games here and there but never really play them. And the only posts I made on the other were seeing people’s thoughts on online rps of this kind of stuff and generally just seeing what is going on. Though the community here seems generally good. Thankfully haven’t seen any people here who aren’t decent.

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So, honestly have been thinking. Not sure how many would see this or be interested, or if this is something to ask on this site or not but I am curious. If anyone would want to do rps on discord, not in a large group just a one on one kind. I got a few ideas but am unsure if I should put them here, so if anyone may be interested perhaps send a private message saying so and we can discuss if an rp would work. Again not sure and a bit shy admittedly and I will try to respond and not ghost those who ask.