Analog games

It’s clear that there’s an expectation for digital games. That’s what this site caters to, after all. But, reading the rules, there’s nothing that explicitly prohibits analog games, that don’t depend on any sort of digital engine. Games such as classic choose-your-own-adventure books, print-and-play board games, or games that make use of pre-existing components like cards and dice.

One rule that I could see disqualifying such a game would be Rule S-2: “All entries must be public and free to play to be eligible.” Needing to print out the game would presumably violate that, since not everyone has access to free printing. What about an ordinary deck of playing cards, or ordinary dice? Both of those can be simulated using, even if you’d lose points for being unwieldy. What about pen and paper for notes and keeping track of stats? People will presumably have those available, but it’s still not technically free.

It may not be a good idea, regardless. But it still seems worth clarifying.

I agree. There’s a lot of other options available, especially depending on how loosely we translate the term ‘game’. I know that I love online fetish CYOA which, while not traditionally games, fulfill a lot of the same niches, i think.

So we do support analog games on this site and paper prototypes are a valid prototyping method but keep in mind the game needs to be playable by the judges and the community for you to have it judged. Rule S-2 is more about preventing people from trying to sell their game jam submissions (here is my submission but you have to pay me $10 if you want it).

In short we wont tear down any analog games, like card games, but you need to make sure they can easily be played by the community for judging purposes.

Huh. you know, the idea of getting judged on the game didn’t even occur to me. I was more focused on the idea of sharing some great stuff… Whatever, judgement heard.

jak8714 - Keep in mind that the judgement is a positive thing here, trying to find the best entry, instead of belittling the worst. But the end goal of any game jam is to explore new ideas and create interesting prototypes, with the prize merely being an incentive to get more participants.

Even though getting first place is pretty unlikely for me, I’ve still put a lot more thought into design than I would have otherwise. Getting that clarification on the rules really helped map out the design space available, so I’m thankful for that.

@jak8714 Keep in mind I was answering the question in the context of the game jam. Since there are no rules about doing a card game/board game/ect anyone can submit them as valid entries as long as the player does not have to buy a custom pack of cards, board, rule book, or other equipment from the submitter in order to play it. (Once again this is bc it is a game jam. If someone want to sell it post it in projects or apply to become a curated project)

Due to this that means the only real concern is the barriers of entry that the game might have (needing dice, having to print cards, need a group to play with, ect) that would make it more difficult for the judges and the community as a whole to judge the project. If someone hase no interest in having their game judged and just want to make a card game for instance they may want to consider posting it in projects or applying to become a curated project.

Also, keep in mind that we have tags available for some analog games to help with identifying them. You can find a list of our tags here:

If you dont see a tag that you think we should have; feel free to ask us to add it in the site feedback section.

Ah. Oh. Somehow, I completely missed that this discussion was located in the game creation contest forum. Whoops. Yeah, I was just thinking about general came creation, I am not nearly ready for a contest like that.