Anchors Aweight! The Pirate Roguelite! (Announcement)

This is already implemented in the Mutiny system, which is a major game mechanic. Every moment that a task is unresolved, every time a crewmate is tossed overboard and every time a crewmember cannot eat when they head to the kitchen, Mutiny increases. Once Mutiny is at 100%, you lose, regardless of weight.


the game looks pretty good, it has potential, keep it up, you do a good job, but here the character will gain more weight when eating or you can’t

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In that case, maybe since extra incentive to not just toss a bunch of crew would be that they could come back as enemies or something with a vengeance for tossing them overboard.
Alternatively, if there’s a hidden luck or karma stat, the character could gain worse luck everytime they do, giving them worse rng over a period of time.
Finally, you could also add some really sad dialogue for each time a character gets thrown over to make players feel bad as well as making it a wall of text so that it is quite inconvenient.

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Crew are supposed to to gain weight over time, which is supposed to be a liability. If the new recruits are as good as the veterans, it obliviously sounds like an optimal strategy to constantly replace crew. Crew members could gain small bonuses and perks over time like upgrading delegation efficiency, increasing vigilance, leveling skill, and being more loyal and less mutinous. With upgrading over time, the value of the veterans probably would slowly depreciate as their weight rises but would make it more of a dilemma to keep/replace existing crew members.


Good news! The replacement GPU has been ordered. That’s all from me this week, my computer broke entirely.


Hello! I have a small update from the character art department!
Characters are going to receive higher quality portraits for both promotional art and in-game assets. Now you can get a much better look at your favourite minions before you decide whether or not to throw them overboard.

As before, the goal is to have the 5 generic minion body types (barring the captain who has their own body type) so we can match any new recruits to a role that best suits their personality and shape. From a short, stout, “Working hard - hardly working” repairs minion, to a bulky, fearsome “Punch EVERYTHING” fighting minion, and everywhere in-between.

I’ll be working hard to give each minion type a recognizable personality through imagery and animation, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated as I work!

That’s all from me, see you soon!