Animal Crossing QR Codes

Heya people! I heard about the QR code clothing, and me, being the horny man I am, was wondering. Have people made clothing that make people look fat?

I know it’s possible, but I don’t know any QR codes for it. So that’s why I’m making this.

If any of you know any of these clothing, please tell me.

And if you wish to make some clothing, here’s a site! It’s pretty nice.


it would probably be really hard to make characters look fatter. but something I would do if I owned the game would be painting the ground with something like a 32x32 tile picture of a butt


The only one I know of is this New Leaf one for Margie:

Should still be usable in New Horizons via the Nintendo Switch Online app.


Don’t mean to necro but just happened to stumble upon this post (was just searching for some totally unrelated animal Crossing stuff funny enough) and I figured I’d add the swimsuit I made in New Leaf.

Sorry for the image quality, transfering 3DS images is a pain. If they don’t work I can transfer them later.

I do remember a at pattern that made your character look like he or she had a big butt. But I don’t know the pattern name

I remember sombody made a few of these and posted them onto a chan board a while ago, hopefully somebody here has some.

I finally made an updated swim suit for New Horizons. I haven’t posted it on the portal (don’t want to get in trouble with Nintendo or for random friends to see it) but I can post images of it.