"animation's sexiest fatman" but is he actually?

This is a very stupid question that might get deleted for being stupid but I’m also genuinely curious and have thought about this for a while; do any of us with this fetish actually find Dr. Robotnik from “Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog” attractive? You would think it’s quite possible, considering how his whole gag in the cartoon is being fat and how he was literally labeled “animation’s sexiest fatman” by an animator because of how much the show jokingly emphasized the character’s sex appeal, which I’m sure led to some kids in the 90’s being brought into this stuff, but intrigued rule 34 searches seem to suggest otherwise. Thank you for coming to my TED talk on the fat fetish appeal of Dr. Ivo RRRobotnik.


I respect the good doctor, and his egg-like shape that compliments his egg-like name, but unfortunately, I regret to inform you that I do not find him attractive – pls hold back any tears you may have at this crushing news. ):

Instead, I offer you this:

Look at him. Look at him and despair feel enlightened. A being so massive that he literally has the name “Big” to inform the unwitting of the intensity of his very thiccness. I heard that he wears that belt to restrain his true, corpulent from us lesser beings…but a few rule 34 searches of him as well seem to have captured this hidden figure in artistic form – belt or no belt. Perhaps the Sonic lore is much deeper than it actually seems, but that is just a theory I have…unless… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Interesting. I would say he does look more attractive in this cartoon than his normal appearance, but his eyes are so scary and his head and nose are unappealing.

I mean i fully admit Eggman/Dr. Robotnik is pretty hot. That has nothing to do with the fetish. I just have horrible taste in men.