Anime weight gain RPG

Stemming off from my previous post I’ve decided to make a new topic focusing completely on the development of an anime/manga tabletop RPG. I hope get suggestions on what should be added the the game.

Here is the game’s backstory/introduction hope you enjoy it. War has enveloped the world of Alteris, Humans and monsters have began the fight for supremacy though many can remember the time of peace that had ended a few short months ago, it happened almost overnight with a new leader taking control and shattering every alliance that had been formed over a thousand years. It happened without warning so many years of harmony gone within an instant, no human knew why until two hours after the first wave had finally fallen back , an old enemy long thought destroyed had returned with a vengeance. Now it is time to strike back and drive our foes into oblivion allowing peace to flourish once more, so what side are you on?
I’ll get into more detail later but this should be fine for now, please tell me what you think if this needs to be revised.

Just curious how many people are interested in my game’s concept.

Depending on how it looks in the end, I’d be willing to give it a shot. There’s still a lot that remains to be filled in, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with the premise.

I’m interested in any game that features weight gain! When you’re making anything it helps to have a firm idea of what you’re going to make when you start out. I’d look into getting what you want to make written down. this is more than just an idea. I mean write down: What kind of challenges do you want the player to face? How will they over come them?

Then you should get more specific with how things should work. is there a particular style of RPG you want to emulate? What do you like about that style? What would you change? How can you implement your game in that style.

There are questions for you to ask yourself. you should ask a lot more so that when it actually comes time to make them game you have a clear path forward.

Hope this advice helps!

I am always willing to play and test games, especially a game with WG themes to them. Put me on the list and give me a message on here (I also use Discord and Skype.) if you put me in, otherwise I hope everyone else enjoys themselves very much while playing, I’ll be keeping an eye on your posts just to see how it is.

I’d love to see where this ends up going! I’ll have to see a bit more development before I decide whether to follow it or not, tho.