Announcing upcoming 0.41 mechanics and listing 0.4 Changes!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your continued interest in the Fat and Vore RPG, Voracious! I am proud to say the game is moving along nicely, and we have a host of new features to announce!

0.4 Features added.
-Overhauled Fatigue system: No longer will you have to fiddle with exercise rate, food fattiness and complex metabolism math, now everything is wrapped into one stat called ‘fatigue’! Doing exercise or fighting hard will raise it, while eating high fat food lowers it! Take it easy, binge, and get fat! Or stock up on sugary foods for a battle to come!
-New Spirit race, with elementals and pixies. Bend the elements to your will, and get some permanent spells for free while you’re at it!
-Hybrid perk: Can’t decide between an inflating dragon or a clever harpie? well fear no more! For a mere 5 perk points, you can begin the game as a 50/50 character, with the perks from both classes!
-Other tweaks and management for the new fatigue system

0.41 features planned.
-SURGE!- New combat techniques for melee and physical ranged attackers will allow them to gain and use surge points for special abilities, allowing for a moment in the spotlight where previously they might sink it just melee attacking.
-‘Training’ mechanic- Lots of people have asked how a player will go about raising their stat points, their WWL, and other such stats. In 0.41, we will be introducing the ability to spend time training. During downtime, the group may split into individuals to work on their performance. Training can improve WWL, raise a stat point, or even allow a player to learn a new spell or combat technique. Training gives fatigue however, so if you’re planning to get fat… maybe you could just get a burger and take a nap instead? Decisions…
-Equipment Overhaul- With the advancing combat mechanics and the focus on the player as a whole, equipment is being changed. Armour and shields will become more accessible, and the difference between 1h and 2h equipment is being further modified. WWL will them be affected by all carried equipment (though packs will allow a lighter burden on it while items are inside), so WWL may be adjusted accordingly.

Hope you’re still hungry out there~

[i][font=times new roman]I do have a question regarding the whole “Advancment and perk points” deal.

If, let’s say your character gets enough perk points to get a modification perk, such as Hybrid, is this a thing they can do, or are mod perks only start-game? Just thought I’d ask.[/font][/i]

No, I’m afraid not. Body mods can only be taken at the start of the game. If you wanted to become a hybrid, you’d have to find a way to be transformed.