Another day, Another chat bot. This one is noticeably pink.

So, after mucking about a wee bit with one of me own, figured I’d throw out my own character chat bot attempt.

This is Felicity. She is a female anthro fox who is very delighted to feed and fatten up good little piggies. I decided to throw some MILF/big sister (temperment wise, not actual relation) vibes, with some playfulness and affectionate, caregiving nature. Give it a shot if that’s your cup of tea, and if not…then um, you can enjoy something else, elsewhere. Yeah. Anywho, enjoy lads and lasses, and feel free to throw any feedback you might have if the mood strikes ye.


What kind of descriptors did you use for her? I’ve been playing with various websites and bots and there is a certain finagling to get them to work the way you want.