Another lurker approaching

Hello all, my name is Gr1m. I’ve been lurking at this site for a while , you may have seen me because of the “What got you into this fetish post” I made a few hours ago. I’ve mostly been active in the Starbound Big Fatiies Mod areas. I be had this account for a while now and wanted to introduce myself

I’m a student who has some experience using Unity, but I wouldn’t consider myself good enough to work on projects. I’m interested in video games such as Warframe and the Witcher 3 (nearly put 1200 hours total), I’m pretty decent at building LEGO, but I mostly watch this channel called ‘MyDifferentUserName’ as he has done really sick weapons builds. Which leads on to my next point, I really like firearms. If I see a firearm, I’ll know what it is. (I’m sure everyone knows how to do that). My favourite YouTuber is Ceeday and I really like Markiplier’s FNAF playthroughs. Mostly important though, I like weight gain.

I’m adore weight gain, however I don’t like slob eating, health hazards or any of the bad side effects from gaining massive amounts of weight. Oh and no popping, bursting or vore for me. I’m a huge fan of massive people still being mobile hence I like the fatty text adventure games or weight gain games in general. I can always give you feedback for your game

Anyways I’ve taken enough of your time already. I’ll be seeing youse around and have a nice day


Welcome Gr1m! I do hope you enjoy your time being here!

Welcome! Always happy to have another lurker join us!

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Welcome! That’s cool and i just see it the same way as you about gaining :ok_hand:t3:

Welcome to the forums.