Another "My Talking Cat" Clone, but with emphasis on "freedom"

I remember when both My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela 1 let your character get fat from eating too much.

But it got completely removed in the 2nd games, and the latter versions (I think that they knew).

Not to mention that it would be interesting to have a variation of the game where you could make your literal Angela, or Tom, from the very beginning, instead of wasting time watching ads so you don’t have to either pay for the damned better outfits, or just get a modded APK.

These games already have tons of copy-cat variations on the internet with “A Supermodel (Kimmy), a Pregnant Ballerina Hippie (Emma), a Midget (Lily), a few “Human Girl” varieties, and the quality drops down completely from there”.

So I’ve been thinking, why don’t we make our own variation of all of those games combined, but with minimalist micro-transactions, more customization, multiple body varieties, and less of a “gender-segregated” focus (allowing you to choose the gender from the start, though I prefer women).


I mean those games were very sketchy legality-wise with security issues and were targeted at kids, but I’m not against a revamped concept for what is essentially a social buddy Tamagotchi that gets fat or you can dress up.

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