Another Survey

I saw a survey in this very category, and it seemed interesting, but it was definitely lacking. I do still encourage you to take it though.

Anyway. I decided to try and make my own. It’s shorter, but has a few important questions that’ll help me and a lot of other devs out if you took it. It’s very short, should only take about a minute of your time.

Here’s the link:


Wait, do I need an account or is it just me?

I think the link may be wrong, I tried making an account and got a " You do not have permission to see this page." error.

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I put the wrong link, I apologize. The correct one should be there now.

Sorry, but where can the results be read? Or are you going to post them at a later date?.. Or did I just miss it?

I will be posting them at a later date, this website is a bit confusing so I’m trying to figure out how to actually post a link.

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Hoping this works, here’s what should be a link to the results, that updates every time someone takes it.

I filled the poll.

It’s fast.

How to see other variants?

What do you mean by this?

I mean what people wrote in a graph “other”.

When I was taking the survey I personally would have liked to be able to select multiple answers for some of the questions but I understand that may have been a personal design decision in creating it.