Another WG game?

Hey gamers! Newtoko here and a little something for those interested link

The idea was to make a VN/RPG but gave up on the project, maybe not on the drawings though…

Here’s how it looks with a Background.

added cutout filter in photoshop (used BG)

so that’s about it, don’t know if it’s the right place to post this or if I’ve done anything wrong… my english is not very good… took me near an hour to type :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just glad to see you’re not letting anything go to waste. It may not be much, but take my respect as a compensation for your efforts.

thank you, much appreciated :grin:

What was the general idea you had in mind for the story before you stopped working on it?

It was nothing too ambitious but the main idea was to tell a simple story with only images, symbols, onomatopoeias and very few words for text… about our main
character, a gamer by heart, who gives up on gaming after playing a very linear, easy and boring game
( for her taste ), the objective being to lose weight. As time goes on, her new life
without video games turns out to be almost like the last one she played, exept for this new passion of hers, the objective being to gain weight. Breaking the fourth wall
with humor, weight gain, maybe not so linear but certainly easy and hopefully not too boring.

game-wise, battle commands would have been opposite themed based, action-inaction, steal-give, guard-wideopen and depending on the enemy type or their intention
( how they want to influence the character weight ) these simple commands would have had different use contextually. At least that was the idea so far. “Bonus” character
was meant to gain weight on specific body-parts by completing side quests, puzzles or discovering secrets with the possibility to add them all together or for customisation purpose.

Eventhough I gave up on the game-project, I might add more characters and do somekind of a comic… maybe. To be honest, I’m sharing these for free cuz maybe
someone would be interested to bring these character to life, game-wise, and tell any story they want with them.

Anyway, whatever will be, will be. :relieved: