Anthropics Poll

One of the challenges with any weight gain game is modelling the way people actually gain weight. What data is available on human populations is either about fit for clothing, or medical reasearch which can be expensive to obtain access to and is usually limited to things that are medically interesting.

With that in mind I was wondering about creating anonymised aggregated data sets of general use to game developers (individual results would only be retained long enough to analyse). However, it would only likely be useful if there was sufficient data to sample from. With that in mind here’s a simple poll to test the waters:

Everyone - Submitting Measurements?
Note: All body shapes from thin to fat would be needed so don’t discount yourself on the basis of size alone.

  • Would be likely to submit my measurements
  • Would not submit measurements

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Also, before working out how to do this, would it be useful?
Game Developers - is this useful?

  • Could be useful
  • Not likely to be useful

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