any 3D texture artists out there? - paid gig

So, ya’ll might already know that I make weight gain daz content. I’ve been working on developing some cool techniques for stretchmarks, and I’ve been using a stretchmark texture that was found in the Daz3D skinbuilder 8 pack.

My problem though is that the texture has just SO many stretchmarks, and I end up not having something decent for smaller gains that would leave a different volume of stretchmarks on the skin.

I’m looking for a texture artist that can help me create a transparent B/W overlay based on a template UV for varying styles of stretchmarks by either isolating and porting over real stretchmarks or by drawing lifelike stretchmarks so I can get more diversity in my renders. I am willing to pay the artist. I just don’t have the setup nor the knowledge on anatomy to be able to really create them myself.

Anyone out there adept in something like that?

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