Any Brawl, SSB4, or Ultimate Modders Around Here?

I had this idea for BBW/SSBBW vertices for the various female characters in Smash, but unlike my previous post that focused solely on Brawl, this post focuses on both the Wii U and Ultimate versions as well, without any physics changes to said characters this time around. I know that there is a Fat Link vertex for Brawl on KCMM’s Brawl Vault, and I know “curvy” vertices of the playable females in SSB4 exist, and I do miss one vertex edit that made Peach chubby and removed the bottom half of her dress in Brawl. I’d try to edit the models myself, but I have little-to-no knowledge about 3D model editing… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about anyone on here but i saw a few smash 4 fat model swaps for bowser and mewtwo awhile back so i could see there being some audience for ultimate