Any chance for a Hades 2 mod?

When the trailer for Hades 2 had released, I was quite excited. Mostly because of the actual game, but also because I thought maybe, just maybe, someone would be willing to make a mod. What I would want would be simple, just a model replacement. A picture replacer for Melinoe’s images while talking to others would be neat as well, but the model is what I mostly would want. The first game had a mod that changed Zagreus into Steve from Minecraft, so it’s definitely doable! Though I guess the only problem would be the actual model…

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While the first did have the replacement mod, it was incomplete and only included the walking animations and looking directions. Hades does have models, yes, but they’re all rendered into distinct, flat animation frames, then tweaked with 2D effects on the rendered animation frames.

Hades 2 will almost certainly be the same way, as it’s a technique used in every Supergiant game to-date, as such, there will not be such a thing as ‘a simple model replacement’ you would have to hand-animate them for all animations in the game, which is possible, sure, but unlikely to happen without a lot of passion, or supergiant supplying the animation files they use to create the frames in the first place.


Oh my bad didn’t know lmao thanks for letting me know tho