Any feedees out there ? I would like to know if my idea could interest you

Hi !

I’m a feedee who’s lacking motivation to gain on one hand, and I’m a developer on the other hand. So I’m considering creating software (probably in the form of a qualitative chatbot) to help stay motivated.

As a feedee, does this idea interests you ? If no, does a particular reason comes to your mind ?

Thank you in advance for your answers


If it is low weight (ha) and can run in the background, it could be really cool as an universal motivator for several “high effort” fetishes.

There are a bunch of brainwashing things I am into and this sounds like it could turn into the constant trigger repeating thing I need.


I think it should fit your needs, however, if you want the « full experience » (aka a complete integration of all of your fetishes into the bot), I think you will have to customize its behavior. But don’t worry, I will try to make that part of the process the easiest possible :blush:


I am a feedee, and YES this sounds amazing! (seriously, I’ve always had a small fantasy of like a little feeder robot pal)

(I’m not weird, you’re weird)

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As another feedee, I’d LOVE this.