Any free RPGMaker Alternatives?

hey all! I’ve got midnight inspiration and I cant shell out the 70$ to buy RPGMaker, and with my current skill, I cant make this in 30 days, so I figured I would ask Weight Gaming for any free Alternatives to RPGMaker?

Cheers in advance


Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any free alternative to RPG Maker. There is a user made character generator that works better than RPG Maker’s base character generator here which you can just use on its own if you don’t mind making your own art assets: Schlangan's castle

Otherwise, I would recommend learning how to make your own RPG system in a free engine. Twine seems to be the standard for text based games with little to no art ( I’ve seen Renpy work for turn based systems with simple pictures ( If your doing 2D Sprites, Godot is probably your best bet ( while Unity appears to be the standard for making games with 3D models (

It’s a little more difficult than RPG Maker but I’ve been learning World RPG Editor. It works very similarly to RPG Maker and includes premade assets similarly (like map tiles, face/sprite creator), but is promoted at being aimed at advanced users.
When you download it comes with a manual, and as it doesn’t have a lot of help online the manual is pretty useful, though a lot of it feels similar to RPG Maker.

If you want to make a 1990s style rpg rpgmaker is worth the money. If you want to tell an interactive weight gain themed story then rpgmaker is kind of a waste of everyone’s time and you could just make a visual novel style experience in twine or ren’py for free.

If your inspiration is about a JRPG class and ability system then maybe you want to stick to rpgmaker style games, but if that wasn’t your inspiration maybe just forget about that route entirely.

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Have you ever tried OHRrpgce?

It’s a surprisingly versatile program that specializes in side-view RPGs but can be tweaked to go beyond that. Also, free.

Isn’t there that engine that had the Hanged Man, Sandman, and Boogeyman games on it that was also free? I think it is Japanese based but it is in English if I remember correctly, “wolf something” I think the engine is called.

OHRRPGCE is a RPG engine.
is the program that I use, is more simple and basic but is easy and free

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for the godot engine there is open RPG project. I don’t know how good it is or what state of development it is in is an amazing site for finding alternatives to popular software. In your case, it gives the aftermentioned Godot Engine and Open RPG Maker at the top, but it’s often worth to check other, lower positioned software.