Any games lasting past the immobile stage?

I suspect I already know the answer to this one, but as it says on the tin, I’ve been trying and failing for awhile to find a game where immobility isn’t just the failure state or simply is non-existent.

I already know of and have played both Gaining Perspective and Boundless. I found both games had different flaws for me. GP was, as the warning at story start says, VERY dark. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely well done, and I did do a couple play throughs until I got the good ending, but it’s not my cup of tea.

As for Boundless, when I first discovered it, I played a lot of the game. This was around the same time as I was playing No One’s RPG, and I really appreciated that a char in Boundless could actually get so massive as to collapse under their own weight. I also really liked the updates as a player crossed various thresholds, as one of my big complaints with No One’s was that, unless you went into your description every day, you could easily miss a lot of the best writing in the game.

But there were a number of things that hurt my opinion on Boundless. Suffice to say, a lack of content and some of the more grisly stuff has pushed me away from it.

So, if there’s any title I missed, I’m hoping someone might know of it. I unfortunately doubt it, as I’ve been searching for quite some time with very little success, but hope springs eternal.


I too would like some immobile games besides Super Fatty RPG.


It may not be at the stage yet, but Eat the Dungeon will be featuring female adventurers reaching that point while the game still continues. However it has yet to update to show case this level yet and the game is still updating with different characters and levels so check in a few days to weeks to see the progress.

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i’m going to add immobile stage of player character in my game


The game on the forum Gaining Perspective has the player becoming immobile pretty quickly in the game

I said in my OP that I’d already played it, and found it a bit too dark for my tastes. Oh well, lol. I will never berate anyone for positive intentions.

oh sorry. That’s what i get for skimming, haha

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