Any games with slob elements?

Hiiiii, new to the site and just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any games with slob content, or anything with gas. I’ve found games with gas related stuff though not many, and I’ve yet to find anything slobby. Mostly looking for games where females are the ones getting gassy and slobby!


Lachevite has a pretty good selection of short games on their page. Most of them contain some sort of slob content as well as burping, although no gas if i remember correctly. Good luck!

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If you’re looking for games with front-end gas, I’ve got an itch collection you’ll like! Burp Fetish Games - Collection by Jokerfan999 -


Thanks! I’ll make sure to check it out! I was hoping to find some games with back-end gas too, but I’ll take it!

There was one game, but unfortunately due to it being deemed a trojan, it was taken down almost as quickly as it was uploaded.