Any good weight gain, fat, and/or inflation mods for No Man's Sky?

I managed to snag the game on the Steam Summer Sale and I was curious if there was any kink mods available for it. Considering it has a third person mode, base building, and player modules/upgrades, I thought it would be pretty appealing for kink modders. So far I haven’t seen anything on Lover’s Lab or Nexus so I’m not sure.


Usually if you have to ask, the answer is no. It might seem that a game like No man’s sky would be ripe for modding but there is hardly anything there, I count seven mods on the nexus and that’s about everything.

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You really would think so, would you?

Frankly, No Man’s Sky was always of tentative interest to me even after it was supposedly “fixed”, but a game like that frankly needs to be at least somewhat moddable in my opinion in the modern age with what it has as it’s competition.

The frequent updates might be good for No Man’s Sky’s image, but it also likely murders any possibility of any good mods, fetish or otherwise. Minecraft gets away with it because there is a culture of playing on older versions while mods get updated, and it just having an exponentially bigger community to draw upon, but I imagine any big mods made that get broken with new updates likely are quite discouraged from updating again due to how it all works.

The mods you do see posted to the Nexus are usually the expectable kind. Stuff that elimates tedium, surface level graphic and sound replacers. It’s the sort of things that moddable games like Skyrim for example get for the first few weeks before good modding tools come out.

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I wouldn’t be surprised that behind the scenes, NMS is held together with duct tape and bailing wire - i.e. poorly programmed with too much stuff hard-coded which greatly reduces the ability to mod the game. Sometimes it’s due to inexperienced programmers, poor design choices early in development, or simply taking the quick-and-simple solution due to pressure from higher-ups.

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