Any male centered weight gaining games?

I’m just curious if there is any good ones that anyone knows about out there or if any are planned in the future on here?

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As i mentioned on the discord(posting again here for the eyes of anyone else looking.) :

-Snail of approval’s Supper Fatty RPG: Super Fatty RPG: Full Version!!! - #84 by jak8714 it is not specifically male centric, but the gender of the MC isn’t specified but does not have boobs unless though the in game events you give them boobs.

-Geek dragon’s Gaining Perspective: Gaining Perspective - Weight Gaming

-Fetish master also has male content (though males do get cut out of some content.)

There are others who i’m sure have slipped my mind at the moment though


Thank you again, I’ll be sure to keep looking as well!

I’d say to try eggo21’s games, it’s mostly male stuff, I’ve rarely seen any females on them.