Any mods for free cities that let you un-mindbreak slaves?

Ive been wanting a way to restore slaves mind’s for a while now, and only now realized here would be a good place to ask. The mod could add JUST a new facility for restoring slaves, and i’d be happy, honestly. Really i just want a way to fix them is all.

I think that is what the Spa area is for. There is a small chance each week for a mind broken slave to get fixed if they in the spa area with a good spa attendant.

Wait, really? Sweet! How long does it usually take? (im playing with a semi new mod but its just pregmod with more wg stuff, so hopefully it’ll work the same!)

Not sure exactly how long it takes. The “How to play” section says

“An Attendant can be selected once the Spa facility has been built. Attendants provide emotional help to slaves in the spa, and can also soften flaws and even fix mindbroken slaves. Good Attendants are free of fetishes or submissive, have a calm libido, older than 35, a motherly air, intelligent, and naturally female.”

Good luck!

i placed a fullfillment order, so thats nice. Shes pregnant though, but i DID select a “motherly” attendant.

okay, yeah, it works! and suprisingly quickly as well! fullfillment orders for the win!

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