Any new games like Tainted Elysium

Anybody know any games like Tainted Elysium I loved that game.

also I’ve tried fenoxo and I don’t think the game is centered around weight gain


Tainted Elysium was definitely one-of-a-kind! I hope someone will find inspiration from its systems and interface, because they really were innovative~

You’re right about fenoxo’s games. There are a few amazing scenes here and there, especially if you like stuffing from breastfeeding, but weight gain doesn’t feature in many scenes. That isn’t to say there are no scenes at all! There’s a pair of scenes in Corruption of Champion’s bakery that are among the best I’ve ever read for weight gain and stuffing. You owe it to yourself to at least make it to those scenes!

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the closest thing to tainted elysium would probably be boundless, in my opinion, and it’s also stopped development. it’s also pretty far off content-wise, but it’s a similar exploration/survival style game.

alright. I’ve only played the second one

What event are you talking about for the bakery?

Minor companion spoilers for Corruption of Champions ahead~

To trigger the event, you need to be possessed by Shouldra and Maddie needs to be working at the bakery.

Shouldra is that girl who appears in the ruined town near the lake. Get on her good side, make her a companion, and once she starts mentioning the bakery, that half of the conditions is complete!

Getting Maddie at the bakery means doing a quest for the minotaur in the kitchens. Once he asks for honey, find the bee girl in the forest and beat her in a fight until you get honey. Keep in mind the pure honey doesn’t count! After that, bring the honey to the baker and choose all the options that involve staying at the bakery until Maddie’s scene finishes. The other half of conditions is complete!

Finally, go to the bakery! You might need to go back and forth between Tel’Adre and the bakery until Shouldra makes her request, so just keep trying until you get it. The same goes for receiving the honey quest and turning it in, so be patient. Ask me if you have any questions!

Hope this helped~

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Is this the first corruption of champions or the second?

because the first you dont really get to choose where to go

Guess I should have mentioned it was the first. Oops!

After exploring, you enentually unlock all the areas as fast travel options, so just keep playing until you get them!

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Did Atticus ever post his source code for Tainted Elysium? Cause dang it was a really good engine (or at least it was user-side, idk if it was easy for Atticus to work with).

I totally understand the conditions that made him have to drop things, but I really wish anyone could have picked up from where he had to leave off.

-ahem-, but to be more on topic with the original question, iirc Nimin has some decent (though not super focused-on) weight gain stuff, and there’s always Fatty Text Adventure, but I still prefer Elysium to both by a lot.

Unfortunately for us, weight gain is something Fenoxo ruled out of his games. It’s not something he enjoys, and it is his game so I think you have to respect that. The scenes that made it in are the exceptions, which is why they are few and far between. Xadrea’s Nimin (on FA) is an early fork of CoC that does feature WG.

Interesting! I thought that might be the case, especially with how little it features in TITS compared to CoC. I’m surprised that you mention Nimin, because I don’t remember being really hooked by any weight gain in it! I’d love to know if I missed anything~

Back on topic, I have to wonder how successful TE would have been if he’d accepted writing from community members the way some parts of Fenoxo’s games are. Maybe that’s a viable idea for text-based games here, especially if we get a compelling world!

The last few versions of Nimin featured a hunger mechanic. Everything you eat increases your score and once over 100 it would add to your belly size. Go negative and that size decreases. It also introduced the Plumpquat fruit, and a pig transformative (in the Savanna between Firmshat and Slz’Calit). The belly and pregnancy state together determine that part of your mobility.

I suspect the reason “community” (friend?) contributions worked for CoC is the format of the game. Much of it was based on achieving various goals and the long sex scenes were the reward. The structure of the game allowed for expansion without having to worry too much about how things fitted together. Overtime it all got brought together into a cohesive whole.

Atticus, I think, had much grander plans to build a world and reveal a story in TE as well as have a much more developed UI than CoC had. That makes it harder to solicit contributions that fit in with the story he’s trying to tell. So, I don’t know if it would have helped or hindered, especially as he was still building out the underlying engine. I suspect positive encouragement would have helped most, along with not presuring him for more before he was ready - only he could answer that.

What is clear though from comparing CoC and TiTS is that the later has developed more slowly despite being crowdfunded, just because it is a more complex beast, and it does have more story and world building in it, and care being taken not to replicate the nightmarish code of CoC.


Has anyone seen any games akin to tainted elysium, since it was last asked about?

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The closest I’ve seen is fatty text adventure game, by noone.

And yes I know you asked this a year ago