Any sims 4 mods?

What I think would be cool is if they added a stomach capacity and if ur full u can stuff yourself and if you go to bed the next day you’d have gained weight any mods like that?

All I know about is the extended physique sliders but nothing about any weight gain specific mods

There was a good amount of shit posted in the old forum, I don’t remember most of it but I remembered this existing:

It’s a cosmetic hack that operates based off the standard -1.0-1.0 fitness range in the base game, so any range multiplier also acts as a change rate multiplier. You’ll have to use nutrition/fitness gain rebalance mods to fix that.

Since I like some realism in my game I use RoBurky’s Fitness Control, but It can be used for more extreme things.

Can you give me an explanation on what that is

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Seems like it’s a combo of a lot of stuff. Range extender, metabolism tuning, bugfixes.
features this absolute unit on the mod page


Yeah. I saw that mod. I don’t have the game on PC though so I cannot test the mod.