Any tips on creating good AI Art?


I´m currently in the process of making a twine game inspired by ´Big Aspirations´, ´Tower of Gluttony´, ´Queen Sized´, etc.
I´m having a bit of a hard time to create the visuals though. Do you guys have any tips? I´d be really happy to get some help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Find a good service and/or model. No matter how good or bad your skills are, if the model sucks or the service blacklists what you want, you’re out of luck.
  2. If you want porn-tier lewdness, it’s best to run your own local AI, if you have a computer good enough for it. (Bonus: it’s easier to edit, reroll, inpaint and such if you do it locally.) Otherwise, google around a bunch and hope to find something that fits your needs.
  3. I’ve found that if you want a style that’s “you”, build up a base prompt to use and reuse that you can slot in different phrases to fit a need. Something like how back in the day, people would do “masterpiece, best quality, pino daeni, chunie, [DESCRIBE CHARACTER HERE], [DESCRIBE LOCATION HERE], depth of field” or whatever, then swap out the character/location bits based on the scene and what’s happening. I assume this prompt probably doesn’t work as well as it used to though, it’s just an example.
  4. Please, PLEASE, at least do a once-over on your art and edit out / reroll any obvious errors like extra fingers or weird loopy things. The second you let any really obvious major issues with the focus of the image slip through, AI haters will hate you and pro-AI guys will call you lazy or an amateur. The background isn’t as important, but check that too, just in case.
  5. For SFW, Dall-e 3 is still probably the best out there. The best option for NSFW for lazy people is probably Novel AI, they just updated their image generator and it covers a lot more weird niche fetishes now, but the service isn’t free.
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I’m planning on making a much more lengthy guide on this, but here’s a few things that will instantly help you if you want to generate AI stuff (FYI - you mentioned Tower of Gluttony, so I just wanted to let you know that I used these methods to generate the main character’s pictures for that game).

  1. Run Stable Diffusion locally, either with Google Colab or using your own GPU. Any online generator, subscription model, etc. are practically worthless for making fats.

  2. Use Hires. Fix to turn good seeds into great ones. 512x512 generations look pretty crappy, but turning a 512 into a 1024x1024 generation instantly makes it look FAR better.

  3. Get a model specifically dedicated to making fats - CivitAI is a great place to start. LoRAs can also be found there to help generate better fats/more specific body types/etc.

Obviously these tips are pretty broad, and there are many other useful tools that I didn’t bring up, but I encourage you to look into guides and videos teaching you how to set up SD locally and use LoRAs/Inpainting/ControlNet. Many of those skills can be applied to generating fats, as long as you’re using the right models and LoRAs.

Just remember - even if you have the worst computer known to man, anyone can use Colab for ~$10/month to get good results. Setting up Automatic1111 can be a pain, but trust me when I say you can make it work.

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I don’t know how good the advice are but this tread over at bbw-chan is about how to do it


Did you find the model you used for yours on civitai, or is it something customer made?

The thread that @Yamhead sent talks about this, but I use the bbw_Aurora Borealis for pretty much everything. You can find it here: mariaWitch/ExperimentalBiggerMerges at main