Any updates on games with fat sliders?

You always see the misleading ads with the character creaters with fat sliders but theyre never as good as you hope. Are there any games with legitimate fat sliders out there that any of you guys know of?


I’d be interested in knowing about new character creators that can let you do this, but I honestly can’t think of any. I’m not really the authority on this sort of thing, but I think Character creators in general have been rather stagnant in recent years, not many new developments.

Name-brand, AAA games, no, not really.
As a 3D modeler, I can toss in my vote that most major companies aren’t going to want to bother going through the trouble of taking their hi-def, physics-enabled, very expensive, time-consuming, mocapped 3D models and making fat shape keys for them, then have to pay people to model clothes that fit and adjust correctly for every size.
The best you’ll get is some pretty basic scaling where they just scale some of the model’s bones for some really quick size changes, but even then I can’t really think of any recent examples.

Succubus lets you make the main character fairly chunky, but be forewarned that it’s the kind of game that would be rated Adults Only under ESRB, if it weren’t an indie release. It’s also just kinda okay at the actual gameplay? Not bad or anything, but for how it’s clearly taking inspiration from DOOM 2016, it doesn’t match up to it. If the only part of it that interests you is the fats, just skip it.

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Hi, I posted some games (MMO) on the linked message bellow:

You can add Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, to the list:

After maybe that’s not enough (That’s not for me too in general) or MMO not interested you, in that case I am sorry, I can’t help much more.