Any VR games?

So I’m waiting for my next paycheck to buy a VR set and I want to know if there are any VR games a should try

Obviously I’m getting Half-Life Alyx, but do you have any recommendations? Normal or otherwise?


It just accoured to me that Bethesda made FO4 and Skyrim VR. Now, my question is does the CBBE mods work on that?

Beat Saber? Pavlov VR?

From what I saw, Boneworks is really good with its physics system. VR chat is also super fun, with custom models you can use as your avatar. FNAF Help Wanted is a good spooky game if you don’t mind the fear of being in those locations. Superhot will definitely work your flexibility and dodgability, which I probably highly recommend.

Hope some of these peak your interest :slight_smile:

I’m not much of a multiplayer guy, so I don’t think VRchat is a game for me, but Boneworks does look interesting

Pavlov does look really interesting, and with workshop support! Thanks for pointing this game out

Vader Immortal is fun! I only played the first episode at my brother’s house, but it was so good.

I don’t have a VR set up myself, but my housemate does, and also runs the VR gaming at ConFuzzled. I have to echo the really popular ones are BeatSaber and Superhot. Fun to play, and fun to watch people playing. It also adds another dimension to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes; instead of sitting at a desk, the person defusing the bomb can be trapped in a lift (that’s the one I did a mod for). I’m probably not the best advocate; I’m one of those people who don’t fair too well in VR.

Adding my vote for Beatsaber. Really is a lot of fun. Or, altternatively, if you don’t like the fairly limited choice of music in Beatsaber, there’s Audio Shield. Perhaps not quite as good a game, but lets you use your own music!

Other good ones that I’ve played… Arizona Sunshine (great zombie shooter), Island 359 (come on, it’s got dinosaurs, what’s not to like?), Vanishing Realms, Skyrim and if you just want to chill, The Blu is really relaxing. Oh yeah… and Elite Dangerous :slight_smile:

Small piece of advice. VR can really bring on motion sickness, even if you don’t usually suffer from it. Have something ginger based to hand. Ginger beer, ginger chew, even raw ginger. Basically, anything with ginger in it really helps.

I love zombie games, I’ll definitely be checking those out. And thanks for the heads up, I guess I have to stock up on canada dry now

Blade and Sorcery lets you make a custom avatar and its pretty fun with plenty of mods as well

I’m not much of a VR person, though my knowledge is limited to the DIY creator of Nintendo Labo. It has a VR function that you have to buy in order to play certain games like Smash Ultimate.

Download VRChat my bro