Any VR Inflation content?

I’m looking for any VR inflation content whatsoever. If anyone could hook me up with an inflation avatar for vrchat, or similar social games, it’d be appreciated too. I know there isn’t any out there, but man, I’d kill for some blueberry inflation VR content.

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There’s not much.
Both VR Chat and NeosVR have inflation communities if you’re into inflating with other people, I guess.
There’s also one or two belly inflation scenes in Virt-A-Mate, and some weight gain ones too, if you’re pretty good at googling.
If you don’t mind furries and being cumflated in first person, FarmD has pretty decent cumflation content.
After that, there’s Skyrim VR with the SLIF mods installed (no blueberry, as far as I know.)
Um, well, there’s also that Momulator game that showed up in the recent Jam; that’s not VR yet, but there’s plans.
I don’t have any hope in it, but Stormr on Patreon is also making a VR inflation game, but he really doesn’t have a very good track record and the models he uses are definitely NOT made for inflating, so everything I’ve seen from him looks awful, IMO.

The last game I should mention is a Japanese one, “Machine Ruin Self-Masturbation Life of the Sky Temple” or something like that. You fool around with a dubiously-aged girl in a restraining sex machine that you build however you want and there’s a lot of ways to give her a belly, filling her with a few things, but I don’t know if I like recommending the game since it’s pretty janky and, like, half the content is bathroom stuff.

TL;DR: Eh, I’d probably just recommend poking around NeosVR or Skyrim VR, but in the end there really isn’t much in the way of inflation in VR.


Well, this is going to be a shallow reply, but i’ve seen some “expansion” videos on, well, porn sites where the dudes in them use a VR. Don’t know the program but maybe you can find more infos there. And no, i don’t have the links, sorry.

im not really interested in inflating with other people, but i feel like the simplest thing would just to be using an inflation avatar in vrchat or neosvr. Would you be able to direct me to a world for either game? Also I found the SLIF mod framework, but where would i get actual mods that make use of it?

No clue about specific worlds in VRchat or NeosVR, though googling “NeosVR inflation” pulls up some content with links.
SLIF’s mods are listed on the forum post for the mod. Things like Mana Tanks, Fill Her Up, etc.

I doubt you’ll find much in the way of inflation out there. VR is still very niche, and as such, almost all the content caters purely to the mainstream markets. There are a couple of programs out there that will let you design your own bodies (VR titties and Virt-a-mate - both on Patreon) but that’s about all that I’m aware of.