Any Way To Add Protogen Mod to Starbound Big Fatties mod?

I’ve recently seen the Protogen mod come out for Starbound, and a lot of people wanna see it work with Big Fatties, I am one of those people but I wanna know if there is anyone out there who I can commission to work on its addon. I don’t really know where else to ask but here since I don’t know how forums work (I am idiot) if you are up for it PM me so we can talk about payment :3

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Mod fatties has a Protogen race support… But it depend if you want it for a newer version and if it’s for Big Fatties (WIP) build as the new BF need a reworked version to work correctly. I have some race I have patched via mod fatties, but the Protogen is one I haven’t fixed yet as I have put support patches on hold.

Ooooh I see…hmmmm well it’s good to know it is supported but I’d rather wait for it to be working well because I do not like dealing with the bugs WIP stuff brings with it.

i did make a mod using the WIP version but its not the best as it is missing the lower stages rn but I will try to finish it
credits to nacatcrazy for making it work I just resprited the stuff