Any weight gain game that's playable on android?

Yeah, im a android scrub so no pc.

So you guys got any recs for fetish games that have weight gain thats playable on android?


Hmmm, would Turbo Fat work? It’s sorta like Tetris but with weight gain and stuff.

You should be able to use JoiPlay. It in theory allows you to play most #renpy VN’s, #rpg-maker, tyranobuilder, and html games on the site. As with any emulator there is the possibility that games may not run correctly on it.


This game plays pretty well on mobile. And no I’m not plugging it just because I’m in it. It really does work on mobile pretty nicely. Esp if you like minesweeper. It’s probably a lil buggy still, but it’s got a bunch of characters who all gain weight as you play the various games. Most of the characters don’t have more than 2 stages, tho.


project quimbly is playable on andriod! as well as caloreload, and food therapy! food therapy you can find on itch. io (by fierylion) quimbly is also on itch. io (by projectquimbly) and caloreload is on the app store, i have an android too so you can find it if you look!

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Eat the Dungeon also does work on mobile browsers, at least the last time i checked