Anyone else here backed the project?

I backed the project on Kickstarter. Did anyone else here do so as well?

I haven’t, because I’ve never heard of the game until now. Out of curiosity though, what’s the game about?

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Supposedly it is supposed to be about attacking various beasts and knocking them out to later cook and eat them.

The short answer is “Monster Hunter meets Chowder”.

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Why do you call it “Monster Hunter meets Chowder” so far? They did mention Monster Hunter in their fundraiser page, which is a series of games based on, you know, hunting and eliminating large monsters. I assume the Chowder part comes from the comedy element of the system.

Don’t suppose you could post a link? Google is just coming up with something else.

I really wish that I had backed the Kickstarter, and I was planning to, but I forgot to actually do it when I was studying for an exam on that Monday. I’m probably going to get it regardless, but it would have been so much better if I remembered to do it :frowning:

The comedy, and how all the special abilities have a restaurant or kitchen theme.

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Guts & Glory Tabletop RPG

Turns out the beta document also mentions the Chowder TV series too.

One of the areas is very much geared to blatant chowder like adventures of your very own, such as making a giant cake and then battling on top of that cake against other cooking schools and brigades.

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I’m actually one of the Alpha Backers, thanks to me you have the Rivo!

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That would explain the blatant call out to the Chowder Cartoon Network series.

Is this a self contained game or do i have to play this on like pathfinder?

It’s a self contained game, all in one book.