Anyone else tired of seeing rpg-maker games everywhere?

First I want to establish that I have Nothing against the games creators, this is just my opinion. I feel like so many games on this site are made with rpg maker. They all kinda look and feel exactly the same. The only difference is story and sometimes gameplay elements. You may say that’s a good thing, But be honest with yourself, are you really playing a fetish game for the story and gameplay?

These rpg-maker games all feel like clones of theirselves and it gets stale very fast.


I can see where you’re coming from… I feel like each game has it’s own charm though! That being said I also wanted to be a little unique so for making my game I used Unity


I made my game with rpg maker mostly cause it’s easier and I’ve used it for a long time. The reason it’s so common is because it’s very much a plug and play kind of system. It’s easy to understand and extremely easy for people with no coding background to understand.

You can create some very amazing games if you tweak the settings and use a lot of custom art, but for the most part, rpg maker is the “my first game” experience.

Personally speaking, I will most likely branch out into either unity or unreal for any future projects, but learning them from scratch and utilising their features is much trickier than simply clicking some boxes and drawing a 2D map.

Also, some fetish games do have decent levels or story. Sometimes with good enough immersion and detail, you can forget your playing a fetish game at all and just want to see what happens to the unique cast of characters you’ve grown attached to.


Say you haven’t played Some Bullshit and Apostles without saying you haven’t played Some Bullshit and Apostles.


You know this always comes up when talking about the amount of rpg maker games or their quality, and it always boils down to two main points:
Any game engine that lowers the barrier to entry means that there will be more games in that category, including more low quality ones that just use default assets.
More rpg maker games doesn’t mean less of any other game, since the people who wanted to make RPGs without delving into coding one would just not make any games at all without rpg maker, so it’s always a net positive if you just ignore the games you don’t like (which is what people do anyway).


Here’s another thread addressing this: A Bit of Concern Regarding RPG Maker's Use - #2 by Leviticus

I will also say once again that if I see an RPG maker game using the default graphics I typically add them to my ignore list. Nothing personal of course, but I really can’t be bothered with six or seven nearly identical looking games.


This kind of thread has popped up a few times and I feel like most the arguments have already been made in this thread

That being said, I’m going to basically reuse my argument from that thread. Making games is really hard and requires a lot of different skills. It can be overwhelming to have to have to code, do art, write story and dialogue, build maps and all the various facets of game development. RPG Maker helps take care of a lot of the back end sort of work so developers can spend their time actually making a game.

RPG Maker has a lot of support, both here and elsewhere which helps ease the process of making the game the developer wants. Given that low barrier for entry and massive quantity of resources, it just makes sense for developers to use RPG Maker, especially for a first game.


I want to clarify that I’m not saying ALL rpg-maker games are bad. There are definitely ones that are able to make a creative use of the engine. Some even have stories good enough that they’re worth paying attention to. And I somewhat regret what I said before about not playing fetish games for the story because some games have really good and well thought out stories to go with them. That’s the whole reason visual novels exist.

Back to rpg-maker, the games I was really talking about were all the smaller games that pop up every day that have some generic lame story and do very little to make the games graphics stand out from other games. I know making a game can be hard but if your game is gonna be exactly the same as someone else’s why even make it? Some games feel like the creator made them just for the sake of saying they made a game.

Also I have played some bullshit and I just would like to say that it is definitely on the higher end of what rpg-maker games are capable of. It definitely had more than enough done to it to distinguish it from other games. If everyone who used rpg maker put that same amount of effort in it to make it original I wouldn’t be complaining. But unfortunately bad, unoriginal games are inevitable and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Again, this is just my opinion, so if you disagree with what I said, feel free to share your thoughts with me. I will always stay open minded to new opinions

Honestly making games just for the sake of making them is pretty important. The best way to improve is to practice, and feedback makes that process even faster. No one starts out a master game designer after all. And every time you make a game, you get a little faster at the next one, which lets you spend more time on polish and other improvements.


Honestly I wish there was more RPG maker games for male weight gain if you’re talking about in general then yes I am tired of that but for games focused on weight gain there really isn’t that many and if they are made with RPG maker they don’t really feel like regular rpgs

That’s a fair point however I wish there was a category specifically for “games to practice programming skills” or whatever because for people just wanting to enjoy a good game it can be very annoying having to scroll through a bunch of the same thing

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Not really, no. The latest run of RPGMaker games I’ve played have all been decently varied. The nice thing about a more standardised format is that, along with the familiarity of the controls, it allows for anysuch variances to be more prominently on display.

Having my expectations be pleasantly subverted in each new game is why I will continue to play these games and support a developer’s choice in their usage of the engine.

I am thinking about going back to one of my RPG maker project, and honestly, I don’t think it’s Is even close to other RP g’s. You is. You only have one big character and the battles play Is like a gauntlet run where you either have to use forward thinking to clear battles quickly or take risks to earn more points. No dungeons, but there is going to be a non-linear path to the end if I finish.

After spending some time in RPGmaker its really opened my eyes to how many vanilla assets are reused. This is especially true for combat, sometimes it feels like they didn’t change anything because changing balance in RPGmaker is difficult.

Speaking of which, I want to try my hand at RPGmaker but I want a bit of practice before I try doing my first real attempt, is there some kind place to facilitate this?

I’m not sure what you mean by “a place to facilitate this”, but I’d recommend making a really small game first that focuses more on working with switches, variables and common events with little to no combat. If you intend to make a game with weight gain in it, understanding how to work with those things is likely to be extremely important (especially if the weight can be gained without the story forcing it onto the player).

Combat balancing is difficult and will either require you to be very good at visualizing math equations or a lot of trial and error until it “feels right”. Working with lower stats for both your party and enemies I find to be a lot easier to manage.

Assets tend to be reused since most people aren’t artists, so enemies usually have to be from the templates, and sprite work takes a lot of patience with or without experience.

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i think i’d prefer badly drawn or edited original art to the defaults