Anyone familiar with mobile development or web development willing to have a chat?

I have an idea for a new app/web applet but I don’t know how expensive or feasible it is due to lack of experience. If anyone could shoot me in the right direction I’d be glad! I want to keep this project a secret until it’s confirmed so for more details can you hmu at GamingTV#6399

Well if you are keeping it a secret, how would anyone know if they can help you?

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well I was hoping I’d get a DM about it so we could discuss it there. It’s sort of more like I don’t want to be embarrassed by my lack of understanding on the subject but If anyone knows how to I can learn and try my best to help! Also the idea is pretty basic and I hope that someone wouldn’t take it…

If you have any mobile/web app related questions but want to keep the details private feel free to DM me. I should hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have