anyone have a starbound big fatties server that does not have too many other mods?

im wondering because i don’t want to download too many mods but i do wanna play with other people with this mod

One that could stand in for the current one until host returns would be nice

you wanna play some multiplayer with just the big fatties mod? the two of us? send me your steam id or whatever its called if you wanna do that

Lol i remmember when here started a bigfatties serveer was fun in that time

Apologies if this message causes any sort of annoyance, im new to this site and don’t really know how anything works. I just wanted to mention that i’m also interested in playing Starbound multiplayer with the Big Fatties mod. If anyone’s interested, please let me know, and hopefully we can start a world.

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I’d be all for setting up a Starbound server with you if you’re still interested! Just send me a message and we can work something out for the the mod list and hosting work. If you’ve got Discord that’s even better since I’m significantly more active over there anyhow

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I would love to play with someone regardless on if its simple or complex if anyone is interested!

Id be interested! I dont really mind what other mods are used as long as theyre not too complicated to get working

Well if you like we can try to set something up! I dunno who would host but maybe we could look at some mods and decide what to do

Well I have a set of mods from this site that I use, is it possible to send a file with them to you? Or should I try look for and name each mod I found?

Edit: I think I figured out how to send the mods Starbound Mods 2 - (8.3 MB)

I’m about to try starting a server. I’ve got these mods: SB (9.0 MB)

Edit: I removed the workshop stuff.
Edit 2: Server IP is Port 21025

my discord is
BunnyBread 繁栄#3851
im active on there too
we all should form a little server together so we can play