Anyone heard anything from Roops?

They were working on a platformer game a bit ago but I haven’t heard anything from or about them in months. Anyone know anything?

(Please remove if this isn’t allowed, and my apologies)

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Sorry, but I think that asking for updates goes against the rules.

Oh I’m not asking for a progress update on the game, I just want to know if they’re still around and doing ok. I mentioned the game to remind people of who they are

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To address the updates issue first, we are treating posts like this as a bit of a grey area. We have no rules against asking if a dev is ok or if any one has heard anything from them so we will generally not consider posts like these as asking for updates, but if we do feel a post like this is more to try to work around our asking for update rule it will be removed.

Now to answer your question, I talked with Roops back during the Jam. They seemed fine but a bit busy so I am sure that is just whats going on.


I am happy to confirm that he’s doing well, having spoken to him recently. As Grot says, Roops is busy at the moment and has taken to reducing his online presence in an effort to free up whatever time that he can.

I guess the guy didn’t account for how popular he was here, haha :sweat_smile:.


Sorry, but who was roops again? OP said platformer game, but that doesn’t say enough.

You might recall The Breakfast Chub or Feed the Crown? Both can be found on Roops’ page here: Both still hold up well for what its worth!


Fair enough, I see why it could look like that. You and Alex have answered my question so if you want to delete this or me to thats absolutely fine. I’m just glad to hear he’s doing ok

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As always, I appreciate the interest in what I’m up to! As AlexKay mentioned, I’m alive and well and slowly working on projects when I can. I’m planning to keep things quiet until I have something worth sharing, but I’m definitely still lurking about and enjoying the community.


Oh shit hi :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Glad to hear you’re ok

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